The overarching goal of the TIDE consortium is to develop an objective method for diagnosing tinnitus. We will use different approaches for measuring brain activity and will analyze the results by means of artificial intelligence to identify a marker that can tell if a person hears tinnitus or not.

The development of a biomarker in tinnitus would be ground-breaking and disruptive at the same time. It would advance patient management on a new level. By deriving two test paradigms from the most recent models of tinnitus, unpacking it in terms of depth of detail and breadth of application, and deploying it to explain wider aspects of the phenomenon than just the initial emergence of tinnitus, we seek for an objective marker for tinnitus or at least for a subtype of tinnitus related to a specific pathophysiology. This may have a major impact and fill the need of the pharmaceutical and hearing tech industry for biomarkers they require to start investing in tinnitus.


Prof. Sven Vanneste

Trinity College Dublin


Prof. Fatima Husain

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


Prof. Berthold Langguth

University of Regensburg


Prof. Dirk De Ridder



Prof. Julia Campbell

University of Texas at Austin


Prof. Christopher Cederroth

Karolinska Institutet


Prof. Winfried Schlee

Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences